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The Killer of Innocence

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 223 lbs.


Little is truly known about the man who goes by the name Tilikum. What has been gathered about his early life has come from stories he has told himself and what little news reporters have been able to dig up in the past. The details that can be confirmed are gruesome and disturbing to say the least.

The most accurate estimate of the age of Tilikum is 29 years old, meaning he was born sometime in 1985. The legend goes that his mother was a 14 year old girl who was raped by her step father and became pregnant. Madeline Stark was born in 1971 and was the daughter of Evelyn and Elsworth Stark. Her birth father was never around for her life. Elsworth Stark was an old time Professional Wrestler who didn't spend much time at home with his wife or his adopted Daughter. On the nights that we has home, he brutally raped his step daughter and at the age of 14 she became pregnant. 

Disowned by her Mother, Madeline was forced to move out of her childhood home and face the world at a young age, with a new born child. All accounts say that Elsworth Stark would maintain contact with his step daughter and continued to rape her until she eventually moved out of state and changed her name. The assumed name that she went by is still unknown to this day.

Her young son, originally named Davey Stark would face the brunt of his mothers torment as he was psychologically and physically abused. His mother, just a child herself didn't know how to raise another life. Nor did she want the one that she'd unwillingly created. She blamed the young boy for the things that'd happened to her. Most of his life was spent nursing bruises, broken bones and malnourished. Young Davey Stark never saw the inside of a classroom. He rarely saw the light of day, as his drug addicted mother kept him locked in a basement away from all humanity. 

No one knows for sure if this was her way of punishing him for the things that'd happened to her, or if it was her way of protecting him from a world that she felt was evil.

If you listen to Tilikum tell the story, at the age of 14, the same age his mother was when she became pregnant with him, his mother disappeared. News stories of the time and word-of-mouth puts the man now known as Tilikum in the relative location of the gruesome crimes of Old Oblong, Iowa. It's still never been proven that he was responsible for the atrocities committed that day. What is known from the newspaper clippings and local news broadcasts is that a young woman, 28 years of age, was brutally raped and murdered in the basement of her home. DNA evidence and finger printing proves that there was a male in the house that day, but no one knows exactly who he was or where he is now. The rape and murder of Madeline Stark is still unsolved.

In 2003 the man who would become known as Tilikum was living on the streets, alone and hungry. He'd been arrested more times than he cares to recount. He'd been in more fights in bars and parks and alleys than one would possibly believe if he told you the true number. With nothing to his name and nothing to eat in his stomach he turned to a world of sanctioned fighting. Initially he plied his craft in underground fighting circles where he'd make a name for himself slowly. His ability to not only dish punishment but to take it helped him to stay around for the long haul. 

His penchant for weapons caught the eye of a local Professional Wrestling promoter who ran a company based on the Japanese Garbage Wrestling scene from the late 1990s. Extreme Hardcore Garbage Icon Professional Championship Wrestling Association, or EHGIPCWA for short (haha...) became the home of Tilikum from around 2009 until 2014 during it's untimely demise. Bad management and a niche product would force the company out of business once again leaving Tilikum on the streets starving.

One would think that due to his involvement in the underground fighting circle and EHGIPCWA, Tilikum would have improved his quality of life. This just wasn't the case though. Something drew Tilikum to the streets. Something kept him from getting a proper home, filling a refrigerator with food and living a normal life. Psycho-analysis from afar has made statements that it has to do with the extreme trauma and scarring from his alleged early childhood. Tilikum will never be fit to live with the rest of society, though he somehow manages to evade any sort of commitment by the proper authorities who've tried for years to wrangle him in.

2015 saw the return of hardcore Wrestling organization. How Tilikum made his way to the streets of Los Angeles, California are a mystery to most. Rumors abound that it was to keep a low profile amongst and city of millions. As bad off and as deranged as Tilikum is, he's nothing compared to the excrement that live in Los Angeles, California. The bigger question one has to ask is how Tilikum has managed to become affiliated with the hWo? 

Chance perhaps?

A desire to once again hear the screams of his victimized opponents?

A thirst for blood?

In time, we shall all know the truth.

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A Brief History, Part : One (Year, 1999)

Iowa had been the place that Tilikum had been raised since birth. Around this time of year you could never predict what the weather would be like. For two or three days it'd feel like the best Summertime weather. Mid 70s, Sunny, a light breeze. Other days, and for days on end, it'd be 40 during the days and 21 at night. Windy. Rain. It felt like hell, or the opposite of it, at least.

Living his prior 14 years locked away from all this amazing nature, save for a very few times, Tilikum didn't know what to expect when he was forced to live on his own outside. The authorities were swarming all over his Mother's' house and he had to escape.

Dirty, hungry and unsure what to think as he crossed paths with other people, he hid away as quickly as he could from the rest of society. Finding first a park bench  to sleep on and then graduating to the alleys.

Life was seedy back there.

Tilikum was dangerous.

"Anything is worth eating right now." Tilikum said to himself as he woke on the 5th night, still having not eaten.

Off some twenty yards was another dweller, fire burning bright in a fifty gallon drum. Tilikum wandered up towards his direction. The unsuspecting  bum didn't even hear he was being called. As Tilikum stumbled towards the other man, he felt his legs began to get weak. Hungry and thirsty, Tilikum fell to the pavement with a thud.


Scurrying just past him, heading behind a dumpster was about a two pound rat. The knife like nails of its feet making an irritating noise as it scurried across the cold alley. Tilikum rolled to attention immediately. For some, this was nothing more than a rodent, something filled with disease. To Tilikum, he saw dinner. Killer instinct and a pain in his stomach, Tilikum was ready to trap. Kill. Devour.

In seconds Tilikum had the rat by the tail and was lifting it proudly in the air. He then marched more promptly over towards the other hobo. A nearby stick would make for a roasting utensil, and Tilikum butted up over the fire ready to cook dinner.

"What the fuck?" The creator of the fire questioned, confused. He then noticed the meal Tilikum was fixing up. "You fuck, get out of here man. What are you on drugs? Where'd you come from anyways?"

Tilikum turned his attention towards the other guy, but still hung the rat over the flickering flames. Tilikum's eyes sort of twitched, and his heart began to race. He didn't know what to think, how to react to confrontation or questioning.

With everything he had, Tilikum gouged the flaming stick, still holding the rat, through the other bums eye socket. The fiery hot ashes singed when they hit the wet liquid flowing around the eye. The man screamed and staggered back. Tilikum lunged forward, and grasped the man by the throat. Tilikum simply squeezed and squeezed until there was no sign of life left.

Tilikum gnawed at his rat, as quickly as he could. Tearing burnt chunks of the rat, fur and all, off the stick and into his mouth. As soon as Tilikum had eaten enough to fill his shrinking stomach, he turned toward his humanly victim.

Tilikum pillaged anything he could from the man's belongings. A pair of boots, a coat, and a pair of gloves. Sufficiently warmer now, Tilikum ran off back to where he'd started. Hiding back towards the back of the alley, someplace to sleep for another night hoping the police sirens storming past on the road way wouldn't wake him.

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