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The Law

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 210 lbs.


You might know his history, you might not.

LLB is a legend in the ring. He got his break in PIW at a young age and never looked back. He wrestled and studied law at the same time, eventually becoming a lawyer. He's a 5-time PIW World Champion. He's a 2-time Action Wrestling Champion. He's also been in the Asylum and jOlt at their prime.

A few years have passed and some fans have forgotten his name. However, now returning to the ring, LLB is determined to make an impact once again. He will revive old fans. He will create new ones. It will be easy to do this, as he's filled with charisma, numerous catchphrases and talented wrestling skills.

But he's not always what he seems.

Perhaps the strongest aspect of LLB is his smarts. He's almost too smart. He can read a situation; he can understand people better than they understand themselves. As a result, he can control you without you even knowing it. He's always got a plan and you might not see the entire picture until it's too late.

Is he just manipulating his audience or is he genuine?

You'll have to wait to find out.

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Everything Lasts Forever, Part One

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

The crowd could still be heard from the seating area as LLB walked through Gorilla, past the IGS producers and to the locker room area. He held the side of his body, if not slightly while walking upright and smiling to those who noticed him. He had just gone through a main event war with Shawn Hart, their first ever meeting. Given they were both well known names throughout the wrestling industry, their paths had never crossed. That was until now.

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

The chant would continue.

He had made a curtian call already. It has been a few years since 'The Law' went through this process. It had been a few years since he felt the taste of victory. It had even been a few years since he felt the rush of pain. It was all a welcome experience once again.

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

Although, not everything was the same. As LLB walked through the backstage area, past numerous IGS wrestlers, some whom he knew, some whom he didn't, the wrestling industry was different than it was two years ago. And it was very different than it was when he first started in PIW.

Ten years ago wrestling was at the height of popularity. You could not go anywhere without knowing the names of LLB, Scott Slugger, Kellen Kinkade, Token Weed and High Flyer (just to name a few). There were mega stars everywhere. Everyone knew and everyone wanted to be them.

Over time, though... wrestling started to fade.

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

But it wasn't as if the stars were missing. New ones emerged. New talent captivated.

But something changed.

Wrestling federations struggled to maintain profits. Many of them closed. Older wrestlers retired.

And then began the struggle to build what was once there before.

'The Law' turned down the hallway and walked into his locker room. He put a towel over his head and wiped off the sweat from his forehead. He sat down, leaned forward and kept his head down, taking in the moment and the cheers once again.

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

IGS executives contacted him about five month ago with a contract offer. LLB was always in shape and still in his prime (albeit halfway through). A comeback was something he always intended to do. There seemingly was no better time.

It didn't take 'The Law' long to respond to the offer. Furthermore, it wasn't as if organization after organization was banging down his door. The fact was there weren't many left.

LLB had no doubt, however, IGS wouldn't be able to draw. There were still wrestling fans out there, hardcore fans. There was still an audience for the wrestling stories to be heard.

Enter IGS.

"LLB, LLB, LLB..."

Roland stood and walked out of his locker room. He passed some of the same people he did on his way back from the ring. LLB still smiled. He still made sure to thank everyone for their time as he arrived at Gorilla.

LLB took a shaprie sitting on the egde of a desk and came through the apron.

There weren't a lot of fans left in the arena. Just 100-200 hardcore ones, who knew if they waited long enough, someone would come back out. They just didn't know it would be the name they were cheering.

LLB went over to two children around 5-years-old, standing in front of their parents, barely able to peak over the guard rail.

"Sign your shirt?" He said as the one boy looked up, eyes wide open. It was a moment he'd never forget.

"LLB you're awesome!"

'The Law' grinned again, "I'll take that as a yes."

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