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Julliet Brooks

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 118 lbs lbs.

Julliet Brooks

Julliet Brooks began her wrestling training at nineteen years old with her trainer 'Demon' Dave Shocker who would introduce her to it. Once she was ready, she made her debut for a company called World Wrestling Cooperation. It was founded by Johnny Orders which was located in Greensboro, North Carolina. She had success there as she went on to hold the WWC Diva's Championship twice during her young career, and had notable matches, but within a year the company decided to close it's doors which left the New Mexico native emotional, and with no where to turn now. Many years went by and went on to sign a new deal with another company called Pulse Wrestling Federation and that was founded by Sean Cutter and Tommy Bishop. After she finished with that company, she would go on to wrestle for various other companies from around the globe and wanted to keep her name alive, and strong. In 2013 she joined up with Boardwalk Wrestling in Atlantic City, NJ and she went on to set the bar high for several years by competing in traditional and non traditional matches. She wasn't afraid of stepping outside the box that's for sure, and that's why members of the roster and people outside of the company admired her most along with her undying passion. Due to that passion, it helped her capture the Internet Championship which she would name it a momentous moment. Forward to today, 2017, Julliet Brooks hasn't missed a beat and wants to compete with the best of the best, and welcomes all competitors, but don't catch yourself saying to her she can't do it, because chances are she will find a way.

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Brooks and Gordon Go Shopping: Julliet Brooks

After she removed herself from the luxurious car, Julliet shut the door behind her and stood there for a moment as she inhaled the nice, summer weather that they were blessed with. It was nice and hot and that is what she preferred the most. She is accustomed to withstanding it due to living in a desert like state. She felt very excited to be spending the day going shopping with Gordon Patrick, Jr. It wasn’t often she had the pleasure of doing this due to her busy lifestyle. Having her wallet in her pocket, she pulled it out and walked down the sidewalk with him as she was anxious to get there.

“Versace?” he asked. “Couldn’t we have just gone to Forever 21? They just copy everyone else’s designs, anyway. Could have probably gotten the same thing and saved money.”

She admired the men’s clothing that was displayed on a mannequin in the window and decided that they should enter the store together, so that's what they did. As soon as they did they were greeted by a female employee who seemed friendly and smiled at them. Pat noticed her nametag, Rebecca.

Julliet glanced over at Pat Gordon, Jr and locked arms with him, then turned her attention back to the woman, who seemed impatient standing there.

“Hi. Is there anything I can help you two with?” Rebecca asked them.

“Yes. I was wondering if my  Fiancée can try that suit that was on your window over there?” Julliet inquired.

She pointed and they all turned that way to look.

“Sure. Right this way.” Rebecca guided him away to the window as Julliet stood there looking on. She didn't like the expression Rebecca gave him. It was as if he didn't belong in the store and that really bothered her.. so much that she felt like speaking up, but didn't want to make a commotion, so she remained quiet and sighed to herself.

Pat followed the woman, who handed him the suit and let him into the changing room. He put on the suit and stepped out of the dressing room.

She saw him and quickly ran to where he was at. Her eyes lit up as she saw how handsome he looked in it. She hugged him and jumped for joy.

“I think you look absolutely wonderful,” Julliet assured him. “What do you think?”

“Yeah, it’s great,” he told her.

“I'm glad you like it. Just wait until you see mine. Your eyeballs might fall out of the socket,” she laughed. “Anyway.. how about we pay for this and head out?”

They paid for their clothes and left with Pat Gordon, Junior’s arms full of Versace shopping bags and Julliet Brooks skipping in front of him.

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