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Pat Gordon Jr.

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 245 lbs.

Pat Gordon Jr.

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Brooks and Gordon Go Shopping: Pat Gordon Jr.

It was a scorcher in Los Angeles, at least as far as Pat Gordon, Jr. was concerned. Being from Boston, he wasn’t accustomed to such high temperatures at the end of August. The instant he stepped out of the comfort of the air-conditioning inside the brand spanking new Ferrari his fiancée had bought him, a beautiful car with all the bells and whistles, it felt like he had just walked into a brick wall. That was, if the brick wall happened to be the side of a brick pizza oven. Beads of sweat gathered into formation on his forehead like well trained troops preparing to besiege a palace. He looked over at his loving fiancée, Julliet Brooks, probably the most beautiful woman in professional wrestling, and wondered how she could stand the heat.

Rather than wrap his arm around her, as he was secretly worried about pit stains forming under his arms, he took Julliet by the hand. The sun sparkled brilliantly on the silver car behind them as they trekked across the parking lot. Pat Gordon, Jr. looked up at the sign as they approached the storefront.

“Versace?” he asked. “Couldn’t we have just gone to Forever 21? They just copy everyone else’s designs, anyway. Could have probably gotten the same thing and saved money.” It was only a half joke at Forever 21 having been sued by Adidas, Puma, and now Gucci, the sort of thing he never would have known about before he started seeing Julliet. He came from humble beginnings and really did appreciate saving money.

As soon as they did they were greeted by a female employee who seemed friendly and smiled at them. Pat noticed her nametag, Rebecca.

“She probably works on commission,” he thought to himself.

Julliet glanced over at Pat Gordon, Jr and locked arms with him, then turned her attention back to the woman, who seemed impatient standing there.

“Hi. Is there anything I can help you two with?” Rebecca asked them.

“Yes. I was wondering if my  Fiancée can try that suit that was on your window over there?” Julliet inquired.

She pointed and they all turned that way to look.

“Sure. Right this way.” Rebecca guided him away to the window as Julliet stood there looking on.

Pat followed the woman, who handed him the suit and let him into the changing room. Pat Gordon, Jr. wasn’t thrilled about matching couple’s outfits, and Versace was a little too highbrow for his taste, but he knew it would make Julliet happy, so he did it anyway. He put on the suit and stepped out of the dressing room, feeling completely embarrassed. He almost felt as if he were dressed like the Easter Bunny or a giant hamburger. Well, maybe not that bad, but still.

She saw him and quickly ran to where he was at. She hugged him and jumped for joy.

“I think you look absolutely wonderful,” Julliet assured him. “What do you think?”

Gordon forced a smile and sheepishly chuckled. He didn’t want to let on that it not only didn’t feel comfortable, but that he would have been embarrassed to be seen in it. He just wanted Julliet to be happy. Hell, she was the kind of woman who would do anything for him, so why shouldn’t he do the same? “Yeah, it’s great,” he told her.

"I'm glad you like it. Just wait until you see mine. Your eyeballs might fall out of the socket,” she laughed. “Anyway.. how about we pay for this and head out?”

They paid for their clothes and left with Pat Gordon, Junior’s arms full of Versace shopping bags and Julliet Brooks skipping in front of him.

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