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Grayson Lynch


Nickname(s): Grand Poobah, Archbishop, Hotshot, VIP, Top Dog, Fox, G-Dawg
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 225 lbs.

Grayson Lynch

Along with his brother, Jameson, Grayson Lynch has always held a love for the sport of Professional Wrestling. The glitz, the glamor, the lights, the cameras, the action, the pyro, the music, and the sparkle of the gold as it glistened from the waists of champions.

As Jameson left for Japan, Grayson waited, painfully biding his time. Wasting his life away behind a high school desk. His parents didn't approve of his dream, just as they didn't approve of Jameson's. They would've preferred them to enter into the family business -- Aquisitions and Consulting. The Lynch Foundation was as successful a company as ever had existed. And the Lynch Brothers' trust funds showed balances to prove it. But neither Grayson, nor Jameson had the heart for the stiff, suit and tie world of the international business community.

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Subject: What the fuck?

Dear JT Money

Please explain to me where the fuck you were at Monday night, when the GM of IGS STOLE our PWR TAG TEAM TITLES away from us? Yeah I know we were promoted to the IGS Tag Team Champions, that's cool and all but... the bionic black man got to keep his other belt, that's cray cray! Get this thing figured out or I'm gonna figure you out! Take that however you want to!


THE WHOLE F'N ENCHILADA (that's Spanish for something, heard it on a netflix binge the other night, cool right? right? right? yeah i know!)

p.s. They got some guy who calls himself a lawyer, he's stealing your shitck bro! So uncool. Esquire him!


Grayson F. Lynch


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