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Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 215 lbs.


Phaser is a solid all-around wrestler coming out of Colorado known for his seriousness and plethora of athletic kicks. He was an all-around roster man for the local Colorado Fury Wrestling for the first 2 years of his career, but an "incident" brought his world to a halt.

In January 2017, Phaser received his first title shot against a heavyweight named Ranger. Ranger was the current champion and overwhelming favorite in the match, but Phaser at some point seriously injured Ranger allowing a successful 1-2-3. The details of Ranger's injury are fuzzy; some say it was Phaser's fault, some say it was Ranger's. The only thing for certain is that Ranger's career was over, and CFW instantly vacated Phaser's new title right before firing him.

In the summer of 2017 Phaser moved his entire life, including uprooting his wife and kids, to Pennsylvania in pursuit of redemption and success.

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His black Corvette ripped down the highway on his way back home following an evening of weight training. Lifting wasn't just exertion, it was also release, and it had been good for him to really let his body take over his conciousness. Even if it was only for a couple of hours.

The car hummed as he ripped past a slower pick up truck; it was already dark out and his car complemented the night sky perfectly. Phaser smirked in enjoyment watching the speedometer increase and the tall highway lights reflect of the polished hood.

He always wanted a Corvette. Yes, it seemed vain, but that wasn't what pushed him to make the splurge. He didn't come from money, and what he did have he got by the grace of his own smarts and work ethic. Financially, he had accomplished all he needed to in a traditional workplace before setting out to become a professional wrestler. No matter what happened in wrestling, he didn't worry about being able to provide for his family.

The Corvette was just a reward to himself, and it was one thing he didn't feel guilty about.

But, there were plenty of other sources of guilt to nag him. Plenty of sources of guilt to whisper in the back of his mind. To remind him of why he was in Pennsylvania of all places.

Phaser's mind wandered back to his last days in Denver just a couple short weeks ago: what was said, what wasn't said, and what no one could admit.

The Corvette's blinker flashed as Phaser took the offramp from the highway. He was nearly home to his wife and kids now... the kids were well past their bed time but maybe Kelly was still awake.

Would she want to talk? His mind twisted in anxiety because there was so much he needed to say and to explain. Hopefully she was already in bed and he could put off that discussion at least one more day.

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