Will Phaser Stun IGS?
Jamie James - August 13, 2017

IGS announced the signing of Colorado-trained grappler Phaser.

Phaser is a relative unknown to the east coast but does have a reputation for carrying serious, high-tempo matches. Unfortunately, he was fired from his previous promotion in Colorado after an undisclosed incident. Besides bringing a little baggage, analysts are congratulating IGS on signing what is a low-risk, high-reward talent.

"No one beyond IGS management probably know all the details about why Phaser was fired from his previous league, but they think they have a good one on their hands in this prospect," said Alan McTaggart, broadaster for IGS. "If Phaser can push past anything that is haunting him, then it will be really exciting to see what this guy could do in the long run."

Phaser will not wrestler on the first IGS card, but will make an appearance and should debuat the next chance he gets.