IGS Inks New Talent Deal
Jamie James - July 14, 2017

International Grappler’s Society has just announced a partnership with the Buddy Showtime Conservatory of the Violent Arts, Western Pennsylvania’s preeminent independent training facility for professional wrestlers. At the press conference, held the morning of July 13th at IGS headquarters in Allentown, IGS owner Michael King had this to say:

“With the proven talent of Professional Wrestling Rising [which IGS acquired June 12th], the new blood from Mr. Showtime and my own business acumen at the helm of IGS, it’s a win-win-win.” 

Buddy Showtime—well known to wrestling fans of the 1990s for his raunchy wit, his devastating short-arm clothesline and his outrageous out-of-ring antics—was only to happy to chime in. 

“I’ve been out of the spotlight too long,” Mr. Showtime said in the press conference, “it’s time to get back in there and show the world what I have built.” 

The Buddy Showtime Conservatory of the Violent Arts is located off Route 78 just south of Allentown Queen City Memorial Airport behind Galaxy Carpet.