Is IGS Downsizing?!
Jamie James - October 24, 2017

More news of recent contract terminations and failed negotiations are coming to light over the weekend. IGS officials have confirmed the release of Max Hopper following his involvement in the Five Star Spectacle. There was apparently a disagreement during negotiations involving his ring entrance expenses as well as the recent rise of costs in the field of extraplanar travel.

A second, not so surprising departure was that of Dean McDaniel who followed his long time tag team partner - Jay Jaxxen - into the world of retirement. When reached for comment, the former PWR Tag Team Champion said "he felt that it was time to hang up the boots. [And] If he couldn't go out there and give the crowd 'Dean McDaniel' than there was no point in stepping through the curtain".

Is IGS bleeding talent? Is it coincidence? We'll have to wait and see in the coming weeks as IGS 3 looms closer every day!