Big Name Talents Ask for IGS Release?!
Jamie James - October 19, 2017


It has recently come to light that IGS Grapplers Shawn Hart, Lucious, and "Big" Miguel have requested their release from the company this past week.

When contacted for comment, CEO Michael King refused to shed any light as to why the release was requested by any of these superstars of wrestling, he merely confirmed the rumor, innuendo, and speculation. When an attempt was made to contact John Ackerman for insight, the secretary of the IGS General Manager simply informed this reporter that "he [was] indefinitely indisposed to comment on the situation".

No other reports, it seams, are coming through the proverbial grapevine in regards to roster talent, but one has to wonder about the stability of the company after losing five members of its roster in just a few short days. Though, in my humble opinion, I would like to say the promotion is doing rather well considering their recent live events and the expected turn out for the upcoming Five Star Spectacle, which takes place tomorrow night. Not to mention their current roster is still home to 36 of professional wrestling greatest atheletes. Speaking of the Five Star Spectacle, don't forget to check back -- right here on the Official IGS Website -- for transcriptions of the event on Friday, October 20th!!