IGS Invades Illinois!
Jamie James - October 18, 2017

Word has it, the night of Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 was an excellent night for IGS and it's incredible stable of grapplers! The promotion ran yeat another non-televised event at The Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL; drawing a nearly full house with 14,823 fans in attendance.

The card, as I'm told, featured some fantastic action, which included a semi-main event tag team match up featuring the team of The Wild Kards challenging for the IGS Tag Team Championships against The Lynch Consortium, though the titles did not exchange hands various wrestling news reports have rated the match at 3 and 3 Quarter stars!

There were however, once again, a few strange occurances -- at least that is the rumor and innuendo circling the water cooler. From what this reporter has been told, once more Shawn Hart no showed a booked appearance in the Main Event against none other than current IGS World Champion, "The Mammoth" himself, Malik Roland. Mid way through the event it was announced to the crowd that the former LoC superstar was not in the building and to the surprise of all in attendance, it was stated that the Main Event would be changed to a number one contenders match! The match was reported to be for an opportunity to challenge Malik Roland for the world title at IGS 3 which will be go down in at The Kingdom Coliseum in a few weeks.

Who was in the match? Who is the new number one contender to Malik Roland's distinction as IGS Champion? Well you ask the question, and I have the answers. No participants were announced until it was time for the Main Event and as the house lights dimmed, LLB, came out to no... "Objection".. from the fans. Moments later, his opponent was revealed to the crowd as "Trenches" by Pop Evil filled the arena. Jay Jaxxen, the 20 year in ring veteran of more federations that we like to think about around the office, came out and the two men tore the house down. The match was given 4 stars, and lasted nearly 45 minutes with Jaxxen tapping out center ring to the Cross Examination giving LLB the distinction of Number One Contender for the IGS World Title.

After the match, Jay Jaxxen went on to thank the crowd for all of the support -- both good and bad -- over his twenty year career as he officially retired from the business at the age of 63.

Over all I would give this forray into live, non-televised, events by IGS a commercial success, even though they seem plagued by certain attendance issues in the locker room when they leave the Philadelphia area.