The Five Star Spectacle is coming to town!
Jamie James - October 16, 2017

Following John Ackerman's ambiguous "few weeks" announcement on IGS 2 we finally have a date for the 5 Star tournament to crown the first ever IGS Five Star Champion.

The 5-Star Spectacle will be held a few weeks from tonight, right here in the Kingdom Coliseum, the specific date will be announced in due time. - General Manager John Ackerman

The bracket, which has been been availble for nearly two weeks on the IGS website -- -- has promoted the involvement of top IGS Superstars including Kayden Paulten, David Noble, Max Hopper, and Chris Richards; as well as new comer Kendrick Matters.

The event officially takes place this Thursday Night -- that's October 19th, 2017 -- and will be available online in written form sometime the next day -- Friday, October 20th, 2017.

The single elimination tournament should highlight the unsung heroes of IGS's undercard and provide them a massive opportunity to promote themselves to a higher position within the company. John Ackerman also said the following:

All matches will be to a decision, whether by pinfall, submission, 10-count outside the ring or disqualification by the official. - General Manager John Ackerman

Which means we will have no time limits for bouts and there will be a first ever IGS Five Star Champion by the close of this very special event!