Vital Information

Real Name: Nathaniel Garretty
Primary Nickname: The Man of Boundless Energy

Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 264 lbs. lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: A+

Date of Birth: December 10th, 1991
Hometown: Rancho Cordova, CA
Residence: St. Louis, MO

In-Ring Information

Style: Power and athletic.
Theme: 'Supercharge' by Enter Shikari and Big Narstie

Ionic Charge
Wristlock transitioned to discus lariat

EMP, Ionosphere, Static Shock
Spinning firemans carry spinebuster, corner springboard double jump crossbody, falcon arrow

Striking Manuevers
multiple jabs with theatrics, drop kick, bicycle kick, hesitation drop kick, spinning stinger splash

Power Manuevers
running vertical suplex, backdrop suplex, sitout powerbomb, michinoku driver,

Aerial Manuevers
springboard second rope leg/elbow drop, diving clothesline, slingshot senton, plancha

Submission Manuevers
St. Elmo's Fire (gator roll submission), figure four leg lock, arm lock

In-Ring History

Trainer: Spike Saunders, Tyson XL, XL Dojo
Debut: 2011

Previous Affiliations
The Night Life USA (with Techno Dragon, Polar, Hotstreak)

Former Companies
NBW, WCCW, other independent organizations

Non-IGS Championships
West Coast Championship Wrestling Leader of the Pack, WCCW Tag title

Non-IGS Awards

IGS Championships

IGS Debut

Yet To Appear

IGS Record

Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

IGS Affiliations

Current Teams and Factions
The Dangerous Mix


A young kid touted as one of wrestling's brighter prospects for both his above average height and his ability to fly like any cruiserweight. When things looked promising for him in NBW, they were brought to a premature end following a career-threatening knee injury. 

The career of Nathaniel Garretty seemingly was cut short. 

He moved on from wrestling in 2014 and moved onward to other pursuits, mainly finishing his Bachelors in Computer Science. Things looked up for the smart kid, but he wasn't willing to sit and do a nine to five job for the rest of his days, while he wondered what could have been. The itch for wrestling never truly went away and when he decided to pursue a comeback, many questioned Nathaniel's decisions. 

One of those men was not NBW legend Spike Saunders. 

After a backstage meeting in NBW with Saunders, he convinced him to give it another go and reached out to Tyson XL, coming off a big career resurgence of his own. 

Tyson helped retrain young Plazma in mid-2016 at his XL Dojo and along with Spike's help, got young Plazma back into in-ring shape. Since the start of 2017, buzz spread across the indies about the tall man and his comeback story turned a lot of heads, culminating in Plazma winning his first champions, the West Coast Championship Wrestling Leader of the Pack and Tag titles alongside mentor Tyson XL. 

Seeing that he had a knack for the tag game, Tyson XL and Plazma decided to take their game even higher as a team and now the team of big athletic freaks have come to IGS with one goal. 

Dominate everything.