Vital Information

Real Name: Luciano Selesio Delgado
Primary Nickname: El Jefe
Other Nickname(s): Luci, LSD, Golden Dragon, Triple L aka Ladies Love Luciano

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 203 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Blood Type: A+

Date of Birth: August 28th, 1985
Hometown: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
Residence: Los Angeles, California

In-Ring Information

Style: Lucha Libre
Theme: Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

California Sunshine

Luci In The Sky With Diamonds
Five Star Frog Splash

Power Manuevers
Armbar Leg Sweep, Fisherman driver, Dragon Suplex, German Suplex, Tiger Suplex, Electric Chair Drop

Technical Manuevers
Huracán rana, Brainbuster, Facebreaker DDT,

Aerial Manuevers
Moonsault, Plancha, Dragonrana, Phoenixrana, Meteora, Blockbuster, Reverse Frankensteiner, Superplex

Submission Manuevers
Lo Negro del Negro, Mexican Surfboard, Camel Clutch, Armbar, Tequila Sunrise

In-Ring History

Trainer: Juan-Carlos Camilio & Antonio Camilio

Previous Affiliations
Amantes no luchadores

Former Companies
fWo, ACW, FATE, IRA, CWA & Merciless Fighting

Non-IGS Championships
IRA Triple Crown Championship, IRA United Kingdom Championship, & Merciless Fighting Openweight Championship

IGS Championships

PWR World ChampionshipPWR World Championship
X 1

PWR Tag Team ChampionshipsPWR Tag Team Championships
X 1

IGS Debut

IGS 1 on 2017-08-21

IGS Record

Wins: 1
Losses: 1
Draws: 0

IGS Affiliations

Current Teams and Factions