Vital Information

Real Name: Carl Andrew Lucas
Primary Nickname: The Behemoth Brute

Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 417 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: O Positive

Date of Birth: November 12th, 1980
Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Residence: Huntsville, Alabama

In-Ring Information

Style: Alignment: Heel
Theme: “Requiem For A Dream” - Composed by: Clint Mansell | Performed by: Kronos Quartet

THE BEHEMOTH- *(in Japan- fuuuuucckin!!)* -BOMB!!
Running Jack-knife Release Powerbomb Throw

Random Act of Violence
Short-arm Lariat

Power Manuevers
Paralyzing Fury - [Muscle Buster]
The Rising Son - [Suplex to Emerald Flowsion]
Thyrsus Spike - [Falcon Arrow Suplex to Sitting Piledriver]

Aerial Manuevers
Imminent Death - [Double Foot Stomp]

Submission Manuevers
Ezekiel 25:17 - [Trapping Headbutts to Bear Hug]
Cardiac Unrest - [Giant Swing]

In-Ring History

Trainer: Pat Gordon Sr.
Debut: 2004

Previous Affiliations

Former Companies
Jolt Wrestling, Fans Wrestling Organization, Legacy Of Champions, Hardcore Wrestling Organization

Non-IGS Championships

Non-IGS Awards

IGS Championships

IGS Debut

IGS 1 on 2017-08-21

IGS Record

Wins: 1
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

IGS Affiliations

Current Teams and Factions
Stretch Dismember Kill


Lusus was born with the name Carl Andrew Lucas on the chilly fall day of November 12th, 1980. Carl had a very uneventful childhood, as a youngster. Both his Mother and Father were home with him, nearly every single day. His Mother, Ethel was a stay at home Mom and his Father Ollie was an oil field worker. Carl Lucas grew up with two siblings, an older sister Elizabeth and a younger brother Jason.

Carl’s early years in school were nothing of note. Good grades, good attendance and good behavior were the hallmarks of his early childhood. Both of his parents were adamant about instilling the importance of education and manners in all three of their children. At the age of seven, Carl found Professional Wrestling on the local television station and was instantly enamoured with the action, characters, and heart of the performers. Tucker Hansen and Edwin Carnegie of the Superstar Wrestling League were instantly two men that he was drawn to watching.

Once Carl got into High School, he began to stand out. As a Freshman, Carl stood over six feet tall and tipped the scales at well over three-hundred and fifty pounds. While attending Butler High School in his hometown of Huntsville Alabama, Carl was the first Freshman to start for the Varsity squad of the Butler Rebels football team.

For the next four years of his life, Carl devoted his time and energy into becoming the best football player he could become. By his third year in the sport he made the all-state team in Alabama and he was receiving interest from Division I Colleges around the nation. His life looked to be going down a route that would eventually lead to the National Football League.

As the Butler Rebels progressed through the rounds of the state playoff system in football, Carl would suffer a major setback that would change his life forever. Late in a third round playoff game, Carl suffered both a torn anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament. Dreams of playing in the National Football League were out the window in the matter of one play on the field and the interest from the Division I Colleges completely dried up, nearly overnight.

Carl enrolled in the local Community College and lived at home with his parents, going to work in the oil fields with his now aging father. The job was brutal- long hours, hard work and little pay. To say that Carl hated his job would be an understatement. Still, a testament to the Son his parents had raised, Carl stayed at his job well past the two years he was in Community College. After five years in the fields, Carl would suffer another debilitating injury to his leg that would force him to miss more time from work than he could afford to. Eventually, Carl would decide to take another path in life and leave the work that his father had used to put food on the table.

Thankfully for Carl, he had a second love that he was always enamoured with that he’d decided would become a fall back plan. Nearly a year went by as Carl nursed his injury and then he began his long journey to become a Professional Wrestler. The interest of Carl in the sport of Professional Wrestling had flourished over the years, yet his interests had changed quite a bit in the years. Carl no longer had the blindfolds on when it came to the scope of the Professional Wrestling world. In High School, Carl discovered the broad landscape of Professional Wrestling including how impactful the sport had been over seas.

In 2004 at 23 years of age, Carl enrolled in a Professional Wrestling school being run by the legendary Pat Gordon Sr. Carl was a standout student with his massive size and his knowledge of Professional Wrestling that was unrivaled among the other students. This instantly endeared him to Pat Gordon Sr. who would put his name on the line for Carl early on in his career. None of the other students at the school with Carl would go on to achieve notable acclaim, thus Carl became the standout of the 2004 class.

Following a successful graduation from Pat Gordon Sr.’s Professional Wrestling school, Carl Lucas made his in-ring debut for jOlt Wrestling in 2005. As a rookie in the sport, earning a spot in a place as prestigious as jOlt Wrestling was a shock to many of the people in the business. It was thanks to Pat Gordon Sr. that Carl had gotten his chance. Upon his debut for the company, Carl donned a mask and would become known as Lusus. A name that he still uses to this very day. 

The run that Lusus had in jOlt Wrestling in 2005 went by without much achievement. Lusus was too green and the stars of jOlt Wrestling were too polished. If it had not been for the size of Lusus and the pull of Pat Gordon Sr., he’d have never gotten the chance that he had so early in his career. While in jOlt Wrestling, the one thing of note that happened for Lusus was the Main Event match that he wrestled against Ninja K at the Wrestlesault Pay Per View.

Following his release by jOlt Wrestling in late 2005, Lusus returned to Pat Gordon Sr.’s Professional Wrestling training school to help trained the 2006 class of students. Along with a class full of students that Lusus was helping to train, were both of Pat Gordon Sr.’s sons- Pat Gordon Jr and Mike Gordon. Lusus was a favorite trainer among the boys in the school, due to his relative fame from just being on national television just a couple months prior.

After his time helping to train the students of Pat Gordon Sr.’s school had run it’s course, Lusus got the opportunity that he’d so desperately wanted his whole life. It was a dream come true. Lusus was contacted by Global Pro Wrestling, for a spot on the roster, where he’d be fighting in Japan each night. Lusus packed his bags and left for the “Land of the Rising Son,” in 2007 and never looked back. Due to his immense size, Lusus made an immediate impact on the scene and was billed as a top Gaijin star. 

With matches that tested the resolve of the human body, Lusus competed against some of the most famous legends of Puroresu such as; Yoshitaka Maeda, Kenta Kaishek, and Ken Furukawa. The larger than life Gaijin star had always been a spectacle in Japan and Lusus personified that ideal. Still, life was not all roses for the young monster. While in Japan, Lusus trained the entire time in the Global Pro Wrestling dojo, learning his craft and perfecting his abilities. All this hard work would pay off in 2008.

The most notable Hardcore Wrestling promotion in the United States had taken notice of the progress that Lusus had made while across the pond and they came calling for his services. The Hardcore Wrestling Organization had set course for a grand re-opening in 2008 and one of their main stars would be Lusus, if they had their way about things. Lusus agreed to come into the company so long as he could continue to fulfill his commitments in Japan and the two sides came to a mutually beneficial agreement. Alas things would not materialize how they’d been planned, financial troubles would cause the Hardcore Wrestling Organization to close it’s doors before ever holding a single event.

Thankfully for Lusus his stock in Global Pro Wrestling had shot up even further with the interest of the American Professional Wrestling scene. In 2008, shortly after the time that the Hardcore Wrestling Organization had closed, Lusus would win the Global Grand Championship for the first time. The top prize in all of Japan launched Lusus into the upper echelons of the stratosphere so far as Professional Wrestling was concerned. The year long reign as champion would once again draw interest to Lusus from an American promotion.

Always known as one of the top companies in American Wrestling, the Fans Wrestling Organization had closed in late 2005, but was looking to re-open in 2009. At the head of their wish list of stars was none other than the brute, Lusus. Once again, Lusus would head back home to the States but this time contract negotiations would force him to give up his spot in Global Pro Wrestling. While in the Fans Wrestling Organization, Lusus would once again cross paths with the enigma known as Ninja K. The time that Lusus spent in the Fans Wrestling Organization would come to an abrupt end as another promotion came calling with a bigger money offer that Lusus couldn’t afford to turn down.

In 2010 the Legacy Of Champions was opening up it’s rosters to new stars and they made a big money offer to Lusus that stole him away from the Fans Wrestling Organization. While in the Legacy Of Champions Lusus would become a bigger star in 6 months than he’d become in the previous five years. Things would take a tragic turn for the worst middle way through his run in the Legacy of Champions as Lusus would suffer a broken femur bone.

The size of Lusus had pushed past the four-hundred pound mark by this point in his life, thus a serious injury like he’d suffered would sideline him for over two solid years. Rehabilitation was long and slow for the behemoth, but he never once stopped training for his eventual comeback. That time would come in 2012 as Lusus was finally ready to step back inside the ring.

jOlt Wrestling had planned to reopen their doors in 2012 and one of the first people on their shortlist was Lusus. The time that Lusus spent in jOlt Wrestling revived a career that looked to be setback from injury and days long past of time in Japan. Still, Lusus managed to work a stellar match with the jOlt Wrestling Hall of Famer, Sylo that earned rave reviews among the flourishing Professional Wrestling news reporting community. Lusus would continue to compete in jOlt Wrestling all the way through 2015, when he’d been offered once again a spot on the roster of a past employer.

At the beginning of 2015, the Legacy of Champions launched themselves back into the limelight of the Professional Wrestling world with Lusus as one of their stars on the opening day roster. As a member of “The Kingdom” with Ehren The King, Lusus would be stifled by his role as the backup for the smaller cocky leader of the group. In his first match in Legacy of Champions during the year of 2015, Lusus would suffer a loss to Max Hopper that would rattle the confidence of the big man like never before. Following an early round exit in the “Or Die Trying” preshow “Ready. Set. Wrestle.,” Lusus grew tired of his role in the Legacy of Champions and began looking for an alternate path for his career.

Once again, Lusus had found his way to jOlt Wrestling.

The foundation of the Professional Wrestling world would crumble under the feet of the Behemoth Brute.

The bodycount would rise.